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  • Take ownership of your curriculum and ensure that it is imaginative and inspiring
  • Embrace your school context, resources and locality – the ‘outdoor classroom’
  • Teach English and maths daily and discretely – focus on key skills and independence
  • Teach science discretely on a weekly basis but also used thematic links wherever possible
  • All other subjects can largely be taught through the theme, but ensure for example, that geography or art are taught to a high age-related standard in each year group
  • Pride and quality presentation of pupils own work should be central to the learning ethos
  • Make specific theme books to celebrate pupils work and to reinforce pride in presentation
  • Themed work should show real evidence of extended purposeful cross-curricular writing
  • The quantity as well as quality of pupils work is a good measure of success – developing stamina for writing and recording in maths are important skills for pupils
  • Ensure that the curriculum encourages the use and application of digital media/IT skills
  • Celebrate your curriculum and the best examples of pupils skills, not only through pupils theme books, also through high quality cross-curricular classroom, corridor and entrance hall displays, drama and assembly shows. 
  • What are the children learning as compared to doing - it's all about outcomes!

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