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Curriculum Map

Within this section you will find curriculum maps for every year that Prospectus Covers: EYFS to Year 6.

Each Map provides a concise overview of key activities linked to each area of the curriculum that are covered within each of the themes. This will allow teachers and school leaders to see ‘at a glance’ what is covered within each theme unit, to enable them to plan activities and generate ideas well in advance. It will also allow easy and valuable opportunities for subject leaders to track coverage within their subject across the school, enabling them to monitor what is being taught in each year.

As with all of the Prospectus materials, these maps can be downloaded into a format that can be easily edited by individual schools. This will enable schools to personalise their maps – deleting themes that are not being covered, or moving themes around to identify those that are being covered in the Autumn, Spring or Summer Terms.

Teachers and School Leaders can also use them to support ongoing assessment and monitoring by highlighting what has been taught as the theme progresses.

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Prospectus EYFS Curriculum Map

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